Origin Stories

When players start a new game in Dragon, they have the chance to choose one of five unique backgrounds - or origin stories - for their dragon. Each origin gives players access to unique resources and abilities, as well as obstacles to overcome.


“You hatched from a clutch of dragon eggs that were abandoned to the wild and have been on your own ever since. Unfettered by either draconic parents or human masters, you make your living terrorizing human trade caravans that pass through your small territory.”

Escaped Captive

“Your egg was found (or possibly stolen) by a group of humans bent on brainwashing you into fighting other dragons on their behalf. Your early life was spent in the Arena, a prison from which few dragons have ever escaped. What will you do now that your life is your own?”

Friend of Men

“You are the offspring of a dragon who guards a thriving human kingdom. As such, you have inherited much of the regard that the humans show them, but you still have a long way to go before the kingdom's subjects are willing to rely on you as much - or offer you as much tribute - as your bearer.”

Leaving the Nest

“You were hatched and raised deep within the safety of your bearer's territory. With plenty of food and attention, you've been given a good start in life. However, the lair has started getting a bit cramped, so it's time for you to strike out on your own.”